Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur

GIT has been recognised as the top Engineering Institutes in Rajasthan for the last 18 years and ranked 'A' by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota

Robotics Club, GEARS

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering of GIT has launched a new initiative in engineering where the students are creating, inventing, and exploring advanced technologies. Students have the opportunity to develop projects which incorporate educational robotics to meet a variety of curriculum challenges.

Students are learning Robotics following Engineering units:

Gr. 1 – Building with a Variety of Materials

Gr. 2 – Magnetism

Gr. 3 – Electricity

Gr. 4 – Sky Science

Gr. 5 – Building Devices and Vehicles that Move

Gr. 6 – Building Things

*Robotics covers the Science curriculum outcomes.

Importance of Robotics –

  • Many higher-level thinking skills are at the heart of student work as they work collaboratively to meet robotic challenges. Through engineering, design and programming work, students exercise problem solving, creativity, communication and application of knowledge.
  • Robotics is a powerful learning tool that lends itself to projects that incorporate many of the brain-based research findings.
  • Students learn best in an enriched learning environment that allows social interaction for a significant percentage of activities; promotes the development and interests; it gives the student an opportunity to choose many of his or her efforts and to modify them. It provides an enjoyable atmosphere that promotes exploration and the fun learning; and allows the students to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.
  • Robotics provides students with the opportunity to test the results of abstract design concepts through concrete, hands-on robotic manipulative.
  • Finally robotics is FUN!

Here are a few projects students are doing in the Robotics lab

  • Robot using Mobile DTMF
  • PC controlled Robot using RF
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Temperature sensor using switches.
  • Automatic visitor counter using 8051 & display on LCD
  • Automatic room light Control with visitor counter
  • Automatic password lock system using relay and 8051
  • Mobile Automation using DTMF
  • Traffic light control system
  • Sun tracking system
  • Data and reception using RS232 protocol
  • Display system using serial Communication
  • Boataling plant process
  • Automatic plant process
  • Automatic Car parking system
  • Speed measurement of Stepper Motor or DC Motor
  • Switch controlled Robot using 8051
  • Four function calculate
  • Temperature sensor using 8051 (Simple identification)