Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur

GIT has been recognised as the top Engineering Institutes in Rajasthan for the last 19 years and ranked 'A' by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota


Welcome to Red Hat Academy!
We could not be more excited to begin this collaborative partnership on 25TH March 2019 and to empower GIT students to establish a promising career path within open source and Red Hat technologies. We are committed to providing you with the support and resources you will need as you join an incredible ecosystem of academic Institutions who share a similar passion for their students’ lifelong success.
Our program is based on the premise that learning involves not just thinking, but doing. We want to help you challenge students with rigorous curriculum and hands-on labs that will equip them with the enterprise-ready skills needed to reach their highest potential. As we become engaged in your academic mission, we are excited to help you become a differentiator in education and guide your students along a path of success.
As We Grras Solutions Pvt Ltd are the premium authorised partners Redhat SINCE 2008 and local providers of Redhat Trainings.
Our corporation GRRAS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Information and Technology guidance business which specializes in the domain of Red Hat Linux training, In-house training, Industrial/Internship Training, Online Learning and Corporate Training and from last 10 years we hold special badge of honour for proving excellent business and learning facilities across India. We are branched out in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Nagpur, Himmatnagar, Nasik and Gurgaon. We have a registered office in Reston VA, USA also, for our online training programs. Our aim is to help professionals across the globe obtain the technical skills they need to strike through excellence in today’s digital market.We have been successfully running RHA programs in many well-known institutions of Jaipur past many years. Now its our pride to be a part of Global Institute of Technology.
Why Redhat?

Red Hat Academy has a number of benefits designed to help students reach their academic and career potential.
1. Learn in-demand skills
2. Get certified with discounted exams up to 50% by the leaders in open source
3. Choose your best learning style with multiple courseware formats
4. Gain valuable experience with hands-on lab environments
5. Connect with Red Hat instructors and students in the Red Hat Learning Community

Curriculum of Redhat Academy –
1.Core system administration – Learn to deploy, administer, manage, and secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
• Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)
• Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)
• Red Hat System Administration III (RH254)

2.Middleware development –
Embrace modern infrastructure by mastering middleware applications.
• Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (JB183)
• Red Hat Application Development: Implementing Microservices Architectures (JB283)

3.Cloud computing –
Acquire the skills needed to support your organization’s movement to the cloud.
• Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110)
• Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift (DO180)

Certification exams –
Validate your skills to show you’re prepared for all technology challenges.
• Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200)
• Red Hat Certified Engineer (EX300)
• Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer (EX183)
• Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer (EX283)

Huge thanks again to GIT for all of your hard work and dedication to the education of your students. We are so excited to partner with you and to see all of your success as the newest Red Hat Academy!