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Motivational Talk By Gaytri Parivar

Motivational talk show by Gayatri Parivar

On 5th February 2020 a Motivational Talk show by Gayatri Parivar was organized at Global institute of Technology. The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant.

One could feel the vibrant atmosphere, the enthralling aura filled with enormous zeal and zest. Students were highly excited to see the spokes person for the event Mr. Sumit Inani.

Mr.sumit Inani addressed our students on the topic of “Never Loosing Hope In Their Life” and “Never Take Any Step Which Can Ruin Their Life” and “Always Feel The Positivity” with full enthusiasm. He motivated them to do something new in their life. In the session he discussed his own story which was full of struggles ,like he had a blockage in his wind pipe even though he never lost the hope of living and gone through an operation which lasted for approximately 8 hours and still doctors said that he won’t live anymore and then his mother placed her hand on his chest ,she told him to have faith and prayed to the almighty. He was cured miraculously and thus was standing all healthy in front of our huge strength of about 200 plus students.

Every single person was moved by his powerful will.

The whole session was fully interactive from both sides as Mr. Sumit Inani was narrating his adventurous yet utterly inspiring life story. He motivated the students to never give up in their, life rather face the troubles bravely and fight with them like a warrior.

Students were able to learn a lot of life lessons. They also clicked several pictures with Mr. Sumit Inani for life time memory. Mr. Sumit Inani also distributed self authored book among all the students.