Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur

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Understanding the need of time and requirements of All-rounder in Corporate sector. To develop the technical skills among individuals in their interest of technology so that one can achieve objective of the project undertaken or work assigned. To enhance the overall personality so that one can improve their interaction, enhance their confidence, presentation skills and communication. Nowadays, these all traits are essentially required to become a part of any big organization. Hence to aware students, develop such qualities in them with the help of various activities, sessions and events conducted under the various clubs of this society. This will be helpful in understanding technical requirements and technologies. Characteristics like team work, leadership, group discussion, etc. will be developed. Overall development reflects confidence in one’s personality. Such an environment will be helpful in understanding the seriousness of the field and sector demand. Preference to such resume is always seen during interview or placement. Through establishing inter club links with other colleges, there will be more possibilities to explore and feel the competition in the field.

*Clubs under I-SOCiT:*

  • “Code-Elites” (Technical Club)
  • “Scholars Flame”(Literary Club)
  • “Ingenious” (Entrepreneur Club/E-Cell)


KalpitDhaked (IV-Year,CS, GIT) [9928738469]

HimanshuBaghmar (IV-Year,CS, GIT) [9680543924]

Gunjan Sharma (IV-Year,CS, GIT) [7737859069]


  1. Resume Building
  2. LinkedIn Profile
  3. C language Programming
  4. Introduction to required Programming Languages
  5. Aptitude
  6. Internship and Training Details
  7. Corporate Culture
  8. Group Discussion
  9. Extempore
  10. Solving Problem statements
  11. Smart India Hackathon details
  12. Problem Statements of programming
  13. Placement papers scenario
  14. Career Goals
  15. Choosing the right stream for the future
  16. Web Designing
  17. Projects
  18. Interview Etiquettes
  19. Encouraging for workshops


I-SociT is a very good club initiated by our seniors to help the students in their learning in each and every field. The members of this group are quite enough to guide us in a better direction and they are very helpful for every student of this group. From I-SociT many students learnt a bit knowledge about their respective field of interests, knowledge about placements and their critical rounds. I learn very well from this group about competitive programming, placements rounds etc. which will be helpful for me in my campus drives. Thank you seniors.

-Shikher Jain(CSE, III year)

I society was a very good platform through which helped me in improving my technical, communication and the stuff required to get placed. This helped me enhancing my confidence level up to an appreciable extent. This gave us idea about the corporate world which is very helpful for the pre-final year students.

-Shivangi PathakCSE, III year)

I society was a good initiative by our seniors. It helps us a lot to choose our career. In a Student Life it was the most toughest and confusing decision ever to take. In order to do so I society helps us a lot to choose our career. They also help me to build my confidence through the medium of many activities they organize like group discussions etc. Their suggestions help me a lot to make my mind clear. Earlier I have many doubts about my career but now I am clear what to do. They answered my all questions. In the end I wants to thanks all of them for their wonderful support

-Kunal Srivastava(CSE, III year)

I-Society informed us about what the needs of company are and what skills we should have for preparing for placement. In I-Society we improved our communication skills which is necessary for interview, group discussions. We got informed that from where we should do internship and improved how to practice for our company technical test .it was much helpful for preparing for placements.

-KhushbooPareek(CSE, III year)

A safe, professional and friendly learning environment. High quality teaching, assessment and management of learning. Mechanisms for students to pursue grievances and learning related issues as required.

-HimanshuNitharwal(CSE, III year)

I-Society has been a great and wonderful experience. This society has really given us chance to broaden our minds and think out of the box. This society has taught us the opportunities which I was not able to think about and it really helped me to shape my career. Thank you I-Society..!!

-KashishMathur(CSE, III year)

I-Society provide us a platform where i am being clear about which path or which stream to be choose. This society had created our mind developed to be very clear about our goal.

-Ishita Tiwari(CSE, III year)