Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur

GIT has been recognised as the top Engineering Institutes in Rajasthan for the last 19 years and ranked 'A' by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota

Institute Best Practices


Title of the Practice: Pedagogy addressing outcome based education and heterogeneity of intellectual evolution (NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND)

Objectives of the Practice: The objectives/intended outcomes of this best practice are to facilitate effective teaching learning process in all the courses. In order to accomplish holistic growth of students and enhance their learning experiences and outcomes. To ensure effective learning, students are actively involved in the teaching-learning process through student centered innovative pedagogies such as inquiry approach, constructive strategies, project learning, brainstorming sessions, ICT based learning and presentations. Weekly attendance of the students is intimated to the students and their parents.

On the basis of low attendance, students are detained from appearing in examination (at the end of the semester). Each department submits an semester closing report on the activities comprising academic activities, research and extension activities. Innovations in teaching/learning, publications, staff and student achievements, extra and co- curricular activities are also highlighted in the report. To ensure quality sustenance and enhancement, the institute periodically conducts the performance audit of the departments (by Internal Quality Assurance Cell) which includes review of Teaching – learning methodologies, result analysis, research output, Faculty Development Programs attended/conducted and Extension activities, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities conducted during the year.




Title of the Practice: Scholarship to meritorious students

Objectives of Practice:

  1. To motivate the students to reach at higher levels of success and keep consistency in their academic performance. To provide a tangible reminder of what is possible. To support needy students.
  2. The Context: It promotes students who are economically backward and need financial assistance. This practice is for promoting the students to have excellent performance in University Examinations and competitions. In this context, the institution has been doing the practice of giving scholarship to the meritorious students.
  3. The Practice: Under this scheme everyone is eligible who score 75 percent and above get benefited of this scheme. Such as, student gets 50 percent scholarship if scores 90 percent and above marks, 20 percent scholarship if student scores in between 85 – 90 percent, 10 percent scholarship if student scores marks in between 75-85 percent on tuition fees. An additional 10 scholarship is given to girl student. This scheme is applicable for all git students from first year to final year.
  4. Evidence of Success: Number of meritorious students are being motivated through this scheme. Students who are economically backward have succeeded in making excellent career. The impact of this practice is tremendous and the slow learners have been inspired by the meritorious students. Few students who had less percentage at H.S.C. level are being motivated by this scheme and shown remarkable improvement in their academics.