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Feedback System

Collection of Feedback from Parent, Student, Teacher, Alumni, and Employers:

 Feedback System Policy

 GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY understands that teaching-learning system followed by an educational institution needs continuous refinement. To capacitate this process of continuous refinement, the institution shall adopt a feedback system that takes suggestions from stakeholders of each programme. This eventually helps to fine-tune the teaching-learning process and the curriculum. The institute has a multidimensional, well defined process of assessment including reviews by Students, Teachers, Parents. Alumni and Employer.

The institution shall follow a well-defined and formal feedback system implemented at different levels.

The feedback from students regarding the quality of teaching shall be collected, twice in a year (after semesters).

Student feedback regarding the teaching-learning process is also collected from students during

Class committee meetings.

At the end of each semester students are required to complete a semester exit online survey. In this, students will be required to respond to questions that examine how effective the teaching-learning process was in aiding the student attain the respective Course Outcomes.

Being an institution that shapes individuals to build technologies for the future, Global Institute of Technology lays constant insistence on updating the curriculum to equip students with the knowledge and skill necessary for the same. To make this possible, the institution shall regularly gather opinions regarding industry skills that are of highest demands, directly from industry personnel. Industry experts shall be invited for stakeholder meetings conducted by each Department and their viewpoints regarding emerging technologies be taken periodically. Department level committees along with subject group committees choose the content beyond syllabus that needs to be delivered to the students, based on the collected viewpoints from the stakeholder meetings with industry experts.

Employer surveys shall be conducted every year to gather information about the key strengths and weaknesses of students that they have recruited from this college. Employer survey is a key component in deciding skills the students lack expertise in. The course delivery shall be modified to alleviate these shortcomings for the forthcoming batches of students. This information shall be used to organize placement training programmes which shall make it comfortable for students to secure jobs.

Alumni feedback is another important component of the feedback system. Global Institute of Technology is an institute having one of the strongest alumni networks. Alumni of the institution span across the globe and are well connected with the institution through alumni associations. Feedback from this nexus, comprising of individuals from all spheres, has been imperative in improving the quality of education over the years. Feedback shall be collected from alumni periodically through appropriate means.

Feedback shall be collected from graduating batches to evaluate if the institution has been able to instill the skills necessary to meet the objectives of the programme. This survey shall be used to identify the difficulties the students faced during their course at Global Institute of Technology.

For the overall improvement of the character of a student, the institution shall take feedbacks from parents and guardians. These shall be gathered during parents-Teacher Interaction and stakeholder meetings.

Stakeholder meeting shall be convened once in a year at the Department level to gather feedback from stakeholders on various aspects of the programme.

These collected feedbacks shall be consolidated and discussed in Department level committee meetings (Academic Council/ IQAC), to decide the necessary actions needed at Department level. The consolidated reports shall be presented at institution level committee meetings. The feedback shall be used to scrutinize and refine the policies so that institution moves closer to its vision.

Feedback Forms: