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Independence Day Celebration’17

Independence Day, is celebrated in a mood of joy and happiness- no rituals, just festivities. It is also a national holiday, with educational institutions, private and government organizations remaining closed, but for official celebrations in the morning. The day was celebrated with cultural activities, drills, flag hoisting and distribution of sweets. Independence Day, August 15, commemorates the day in 1947 when India achieved freedom from British rule. It is celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs in the state capitals.

On the morning of August 15, the Director of GIT, Dr. Renu Joshi addresses the students. In her speech, he highlights the achievements of the country during the past year and gives a call for further development. She also pays tribute to leaders of the freedom struggle. There should be serious efforts in educating the future generations about the struggles which the freedom fighters underwent to give us the freedom that we enjoy today.

There was no academic work is done on this day, but all the students and staff members gather in their respective institutions to celebrate Independence Day. The flag hoisting ceremony takes place followed by the National Anthem. After this various cultural activities like dances, poetries and patriotic songs were performed by the students.