Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur

GIT has been consistently ranked among the Top 5 Engineering Institutes in Rajasthan since its inception by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota

Academic Calendar 2019

Activity II IV VI VIII
Start of Classes 09-Jan-19 15-Jan-19 10-Dec-18 10-Dec-18
Last Day of Registration 30-Jan-19 05-Feb-19 02-Jan-19 02-Jan-19
Mid Term Exam 1 (MT1) 25-Feb-19 25-Feb-19 11-Feb-19 11-Feb-19
Mid Term Exam 2 (MT2) 20-Apr-19 20-Apr-19 22-Mar-19 22-Mar-19
End of Classes 01-May-19 26-Apr-19 28-Mar-19 03-Apr-19
RTU Practical 29-May-19 27-Apr-19 29-Mar-19 06-May-19
RTU Theory 08-May-19 09-May-19 11-Apr-19 10-Apr-19
Project/Training 17-Jun-19 25-May-19 01-May-19 24-Apr-19
Winter Break 25-Dec-18
Makar Sakranti** 14-Jan-19
Republic Day* 26-Jan-19
Mahashivratri** 04-Mar-19
Holi** 21-Mar-19
Annual Day* 05-Apr-19
Farewell Day* 06-Apr-19
Mahavir Jayanti** 17-Apr-19
Id UI Fitar** 05-Jun-19
Paper Submission Question papers are to be prepared 1 week in advance from Midterms
Marks Submission Answer Sheets and Marks to be submitted within 1 week after Midterms
* These are working days with no classes
** These are complete Holidays