Women Cell

Women Cell 

GTC has constituted a WOMEN CELL for prevention of sexual harassment of working women and girl students in both the institutions comprising the following members from GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & Global College of Technology for the Academic Year 2016-17.

Sr. No




1 Dr. Bhavna Mathur Professor, Department AS, GIT 9828163541 Convener
2 Col. Sudhir Khanna Head, Innovation & Incubation Centre 8696887557 Member
3 Mrs. Bhawana Mathur AIC, Department of ME, GIT 9413336592 Member
4 Mr. Raghvendra Patidar Chief Proctor 9414552184 Member
5 Dr. Rekha Rani Agwarwal Assistant Professor, Department AS,GIT 9414030450 Member
6 Ms. Smriti Singh NGO, FAITH 9829216875 Member

Grievance Redressal Committee

In order to comply with the AICTE Regulation for addressing, student or Parent’s grievance in a Technical Institution, “Grievance Redressal Committee”  has been constituted with following faculty members  of different positions to inquire the nature and extent of grievance. The committee can suggest the final action to be initiated at the institutional level for the redressal of the same.

Col. Sudhir K Khanna
Head Innovation & Incubation Centre
Dr. Sanjay Bansal AIC, Department of AS I-Shift, GIT & GCT 9460721868 Member
Dr. Ashish Vashistha Associate Dean, CS & IT Dept. 7727866030 Member
Dr. Bhawana Mathur Professor, Department of AS II-Shift, GIT 9828163541 Member
Mrs. Ekta Sharma AIC, Department of EE, GIT & GCT 9530025325 Member
Mrs. Smita Agarwal AIC, Department of CSE, GIT & GCT 9928023107 Member
Mrs. Bhavana Mathur AIC, Department of ME, GIT & GCT 9413336592 Member
Mr. Raghvendra Patidar Chief Proctor 9414552184 Member
Mrs. Mamta Devi Sharma Department of ECE, GIT 9928056830 Member
Mr. Manoj Kansal Department of Physics, GCT 9314490076 Member