GTC has separate hostels for boys and girls with good housing facilities and sufficient amenities. GTC offers a healthy environment for interacting with friends and peers. Proximity to banking and medical facilities makes living convenient and comfortable. GTC provides the following facilities for the students-

  • Seven air conditioned hostels in the campus
  • Triple sharing and Four sharing rooms  for boys / girls
  • Spacious and well equipped rooms with beds, study tables, book shelves and attached washrooms.
  • Wi-Fi Internet facility
  • Washing machine on every floor and laundering plant.

Hostel Fees

Type of Accommodation Fees Hostel Security Processing charges*
Three seated Rs. 85,000 Rs. 10,000 Rs.2,000

*Processing charges are only for students of first year M.Tech, B.Tech., MBA and LEEP entry.


Hostel Capacity

Hostel No. Type of Accommodation No. of Rooms No. of Students
01 Three seated 48 48 x 3 = 144
02 Three seated 46 46 x 3 = 138
03 Three seated 48 48 x 3 = 144
04 Both Three & Four seated 60 56 x 3  + 4 x 4 = 184
05 Three seated 64 64 x 3 = 192
06 Both Three & Four seated 60 56 x 3  + 4 x 4 = 184
07 Three seated 80 80 x 3 =240
Total 406 1226

Mess Facility

  • Mess facility is an integral part of the college, which provides wholesome and nourishing homely food to all hostelers  and visitors
  • GTC mess serves vegetarian food only and operates in self service mode.
  • The mess provides morning tea, regular breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and tea, dinner and milk to all hostelers.
  • The menu of the items is designed in consideration with requirements of the students and nutrition is added to make it healthy and complete.
  • The stay in the hostel gives a sense of camaraderie and fraternity amongst the students. Mess caters to the tastes of the students of different region and students with varied culinary preferences.
  • However there are certain guidelines which are to be followed while planning the meal.
  • Mess menu is planned and finalized by the  management in consultation with the students.